10 Ways to Get Active with Cannabis this Winter

Welcoming the New Year for some often means welcoming New Year’s resolutions. Committing to regular exercise or physical activity can be a challenge if your geographical location puts you in the cold or snowy climates. Getting or staying active all year long is important for mental and physical health.

Being physically active is an indicator of health in general. The ability to maintain strength, stamina, balance, and coordination are all gauges of your health and fitness status. It’s the natural, biological thing to do – physical activity. Our ancestors didn’t stop moving with the change of the seasons and neither do most kids. Feel young again and enjoy the winter season and all it has to offer. Cannabis medicine pairs well with nearly every indoor and outdoor sport that we could think of. Lift your mind and ease your body with the:

Top 10 Winter Activities to Enhance with Cannabis


1. Snowshoe with Cannabis

If it’s warm enough to snow, it’s warm enough to be outside. Don’t let a pile of snow deter you from outdoor physical activity. Embrace it! Find or borrow some snowshoes and head for the nearest trail or field.

There’s something magical about the glittery overlay of snow and crisp clean air that so easily dispels away any wintery blues. It’s so peaceful and everything looks brand new. Enjoy an even more enchanting experience and get out there while it’s still snowing. Let flakes cool your face while you tread on top of trails of white blankets of the fun stuff.

Cannabis boosts your outdoor activity experience and enhances your performance even further. By modulating your senses and opening your airways, cannabis elevates your physical and mental health for improved fitness.

2. Cross-Country Skiing with Cannabis

Enjoy the invigorating effects of enhancing physical activity with cannabis by Cross-Country Skiing this winter. Solo or in a group, glide across the fields, parks, and trails that are so often abandoned this season.

Exhilarating on its own, adding cannabis will amplify the sensation of your skis slicing through fresh snow while your poles crunch through the ice below. Overzealous with your muscles? Cannabis will help you speed recovery from inflammation and post-workout aches and pains.

3. Sledding and Tubing with Cannabis

Channel your inner child to indulge in some child-like fun time with physical activity on a snowy slope. Re-acquaint yourself with the sensation of using your muscles in order to maneuver a flying apparatus down a slope. What goes down, must come back up, right? Dig in and get some physical activity trekking back up the hill in order to do it all over again.

Loosen up and laugh as you fly down a winter Slip-n-slide with cannabis as your co-pilot. Who cares if you flip? Relieving stress, cannabis lets you reminisce in the sensation of the cold snow spraying your cheeks, warmed from activity, and how you somehow manage to make it home before you notice your wet backside.

4. Snowball Fight!

Why should kids have all the fun? Impromptu rally or organize an official snowball fight. Bonus points for involving strategy and enough snowballs to last a longer duration. Cannabis can be key to ease social anxiety allowing you to appreciate the joy in an old school snowball fight. Remember to keep it clean – nothing above the head and no ice and everyone goes home with their cheeks hurting from smiling.

5. Walk and Hike with Cannabis

Winter isn’t all snow piles and below zero temperatures. When the golden sun makes its rare full-day appearance, drop everything, grab the right gear, and hit the ground. Walk, run, hike, or bike – it doesn’t matter. Take advantage and suck up all the Vitamin D sunshine has to offer and move your body. Those of us with a distance to the equator know all too well how these days don’t come every day and your body will thank you for the opportunity

More sunshine (Vitamin D) exposure increases your melatonin production later on. Melatonin is a hormone in the body with a key role in regulating your sleep cycle and is a precursor to serotonin (your happy hormone), among other things. Harness the benefits of sunshine and sleep better tonight.

6. Just Get.Out.Side. with Cannabis

When arctic-like climate rolls in, it’s easy to fall victim to hibernation. Shuttling from house to car, to work, to car, etc is hardly outside exposure. Choose uplifting and energizing cannabis strains to lift away any winter dreariness and get outside. Walk around the block, down to the park, or just the mailbox to start. It won’t be long before you’re motivated to do more.

You’ll find yourself lacing up your sneakers in no time when cannabis lifts away any winter slump. Once you feel the heat from the sun on your shoulders, your mind and body will take over and return you home energized without a slump in sight.

7. Swim with Cannabis

Of course, indoor activities don’t have to change from season to season, but there are some that pair up better with cannabis than others. Pool, ocean, lake, it doesn’t matter. Swimming is an amazing workout and a meditative experience for its participants. Get in the zone stay focused with cannabis for a more effective and mindful swim this winter.

8. Yoga

Speaking of meditative, yoga’s mental and physical benefits are well documented. And yoga studios across the country are offering the benefits of combining cannabis for an enhanced workout.

Geographically challenged to locate such an innovative class? Look no further than your current device for online instruction at every level. Convenient and perfect for winter, yoga medicated with cannabis means sinking into deeper poses and stretches, especially when you choose strains with a body relaxing effect. Feel your body’s connection to exercise and advance your yoga workout with cannabis medicine no matter what the weather scenario is outside.

9. Mental and Spiritual Connecting

Meditation, mindfulness, spirituality, journaling, praying. It’s whatever name or practice you have that describes the mental exercise that helps keep your head clear and balanced. These connections with your thoughts and mind are known to ease anxiety and stress.

Unfortunately, when you are full of all this anxiety and stress it’s difficult to get to a place where you can mentally do any brain decluttering. As with physical exercise, mental exercise reaps the benefits of cannabis’s effects.

Feel your neck and shoulders untighten as your muscles relax and enjoy the focus that cannabis brings so you can find your mind-body-spiritual connection. Cannabis is your spirit guide with cerebral effects can that bring you clarity and ease your mind.

10. Sex

No matter what your reason, if the drop in temperature that the winter season brings has you huddled under covers, add some activity with your sweetie and warm up the old-fashioned way.

What better way than cannabis to enhance your sexual health as well? Cannabis strains with heavy body effects will wash away any tension lingering from your daily life and help bring your focus to the present.

There are even smart companies making personal products specifically for the enjoyment of sex. Physically and emotionally, cannabis’s medicinal molecules could be the body relaxant and aphrodisiac that takes your sexual health to the next level.

Winter Exercise Cheat Sheet

Physical activity doesn’t have to be a formal event or chore. We schedule exercise like meetings because the lives that most of us lead are not conducive for regular daily activity or movement. Not like our ancestors did anyway.

Formal exercise can help make up for some of the time we spend sitting. But being active doesn’t always have to involve apps, classes, appointments or even a gym for that matter.

Kids are a leading example of the primal instinct to be active and healthy. They don’t even have to think about it. Physical activity is one of the best health tools you have. So, grab your hat and mittens, allow your inner kid to come out and play but include medicinal cannabis for optimal mental and physical health.

When is the last time you lept around with child-like abandonment? Dig out your winter duds and fall face first into the snow. What’s the worst that could happen? You may have some fun!


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About the Author: Elizabeth Frasier has been a Personal Trainer & Nutritionist for over 25 years and is the owner of www.thehealthcannabist.com, where she educates how to integrate cannabis with a productive, healthy, and active lifestyle. She researches, interviews, and writes extensively on the topics of cannabis, health, exercise, nutrition, and lifestyle and wellness enhancement. She advocates a science-based and biologically appropriate approach to health from an ancestral and holistic point of view.

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