New Patient Information

New Patient Information

Become a Canuvo patient.

Is cannabis right for you?

Cannabis can be effective in offering relief for those who are suffering from a variety of chronic conditions or illnesses. Patients have found that it can offer assistance with pain management, digestive issues, anxiety, nausea, migraines, inflammation, and many other various conditions. Now legal to purchase in Maine for qualified patients, it is your choice if you want to utilize cannabis as part of your health care. Contact your primary care physician for more information, or if your healthcare provider does not issue certifications for medical cannabis use, you can find contact information for some local certifying physicians here:

Becoming a Medical Marijuana Patient

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To qualify for the program, you will need to have a current medical marijuana certification from a Maine licensed healthcare professional and a Maine ID.

New Maine regulations enable physicians to recommend medical marijuana for any condition as long:

“… that the patient is likely to receive therapeutic benefit from the medical use of marijuana to treat or alleviate the patient’s debilitating medical condition.”

For a patient to participate in the program, their doctor will need to access the online service at the website. To establish an account with the service, the physician will need to provide their License Number and Access Code. Once the process is completed, the doctor will be able to issue the medical marijuana certification to patients. The patient will be given two cards. One is for them to carry with them and the other would be shown to the dispensary when they fill in their paperwork to become a member of the dispensary. Additional information about the regulations can be found at the Department of Health and Human Services.

How do I become a patient if I reside outside of the state of Maine?

If your state has a medical marijuana program and you have a certificate from your doctor, you will be able to purchase medical marijuana while visiting in Maine. Maine’s approved list for state reciprocity for visiting patients includes and is limited to:

Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Connecticut, Florida, Hawaii, Illinois, Iowa. Massachusetts. Michigan, Minnesota, Montana, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, North Dakota, Oklahoma, Oregon, Rhode Island, Vermont, Washington, Washington, DC.



Patients who are residents of these states may purchase from a registered dispensary while visiting Maine, subject to the limitations imposed by the laws and rules of the State of Maine and the laws and rules of their state of residence.

Visiting patients are responsible for adhering to their certifying state’s program rules and laws as well as the laws and rules governing the Maine Medical Marijuana Program. The list of qualifying states is subject to change. Please visit the Office of Marijuana Policy for further information visit





What do I need to bring?

Visitors should plan accordingly so there is time to complete the necessary steps before their arrival in Maine. As an out of state resident, you will need to bring with you the following documentation from your home state:

Handling Marijuana Plants for Medical Patients
  1. State of origin certification on tamperproof paper
  2. State of Maine certification on tamperproof paper (Your home state physician needs to fill out Maine’s version of the physician certificate, which they can obtain by contacting Maine’s DHHS to send the form to your doctor through the mail)
  3. Valid state of origin photo ID (Driver’s License or Identification Card—a temporary or expired ID cannot be accepted, nor can a passport as it is a federal document and cannabis use is regulated by each state individually)
  4. Cash for any products you would be interested in purchasing




Can I just walk in or do I need an appointment?

We strongly suggest that you contact us to review the out of state documentation process prior to visiting our facility. Canuvo is currently accepting new patients, and we can take walk-ins on a first-come, first-serve basis. However, if you are looking to secure an appointment for a specific date and/or time, we do suggest booking in advance.

New Patient FAQs

What happens during the first appointment?
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During that first meeting we gain insight regarding the patient’s experience level, goals for using cannabis, and make suggestions on ways to use different products and strains that may offer relief and results. Each encounter with staff at Canuvo is a patient led experience as we are not medical professionals. We listen and make recommendations based on our accumulated knowledge, feedback from other patients, and current research. We have a wide selection of strains to accommodate each patient’s needs depending on whether their goal is to stimulate appetite, manage anxiety, reduce nausea, decrease pain, encourage sleep, etc. At this time, insurance does not cover medical marijuana.




Below are a few links for cannabis education:
Where do I find the forms I need?

Maine’s Department of Health and Human Services has links to their forms here: DHHS’s website. Your doctor will need to fill out the Physician Certificate and you will need to fill out the patient Designation Form on your first visit to the dispensary. The information needed for the Designation Form is your personal contact information, plans to cultivate some of your own medicine, name and personal information of a friend or family member should you need their assistance in transporting the medicine from the dispensary, and the dates on which your card was issued and expires.