New To Cannabis?

With so many choices, it’s helpful for new patients to have access to private consulting rooms like the ones that we offer here in order to share your insights and ask questions. Patients have plenty of choices when selecting different dosing options that best suit their needs and lifestyle.

Steve "For pain relief, I have discovered that if I smoke first and then enjoy an edible (roughly 15mg), it lengthens the effect for me. Medicating in this way extends my relief time by at least double." - Steve Ellie "I’m a client for 1 ½ years and am now prescription free! My long-term “ailments” have either disappeared or minimized greatly. This and meditation have given me a great level of health and happiness." - Ellie Connor "Canuvo helped me big time when I was going through Chemo. Their products helped me to sleep, eat, and function throughout the process. The whole staff is amazing!" - Connor Nyoca "I am off all of my synthetic medications for anxiety and pain, and I have never felt better." - Nyoca Kevin "Before coming to Canuvo I had three seizures in the span of a year and was diagnosed with epilepsy. I started coming to Canuvo and have been seizure free for about two years!" - Kevin Daniel "My wife contracted Interstitial Lung Disease which brought her down to 84% oxygen intake. We had stopped smoking flower when we thought it was pneumonia. My wife was on pharmaceutical medications for 2 months with no improvement for her lung disease. Then, we decided to incorporate smoking flower back into our routine and within two months, my wife’s oxygen levels went up 13 points to 97%." - Daniel Ms. K "I came in three weeks ago and had been suffering from a migraine for eleven days. I had Botox treatments and trigger point injections. My nerve doctor suggested trying some oils and creams. I started using THCA in combination with the Indica Oil, and it has helped me immensely! I am not an avid Cannabis user. This combination has really assisted in my pain and helped me to sleep better." - Ms. K TokeIn App "They have classes that educate patients who are new to cannabis. " - TokeIn App
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Already Experienced?

Our knowledgeable, customer service oriented staff can converse on the genetics, profiles, and effects of each of our strains and products.

Jules "The staff here is the best, atmosphere is relaxing, and the products have changed my life. Love this place and their products." - Jules Stephen "Canuvo has a friendly, knowledgeable, and helpful staff. They can help you find exactly what you need for relief!" - Stephen Melanie "Canuvo is one of my ‘happy places.’ Everyone is SO knowledgeable and caring. Who else has an adorable mascot such as Ollie? Everyone who enters Canuvo leaves with a smile. I love Canuvo!" - Melanie Stella "I left Canuvo two weeks ago to try a delivery service, but it didn’t’ work out for me. Nice to be back! Parking is no problem, staff is friendly, and the product is great. Just run in and get what you need—no problem! Thanks for taking me back! Your loyal customer." - Stella Annie "I am happy to have a safe place to purchase my medicine without the stigma that can come along with medical cannabis. Great quality too!" - Annie Richard "First in service, first in compassion, and very sensitive to Veteran’s issues. No problems ever. Forever Canuvo!" - Richard Erica "Canuvo is great! The atmosphere is perfect and the staff are always welcoming, friendly, and very knowledgeable on all of the products. I would recommend Canuvo to anyone that is exploring medicinal marijuana, The people and the product are fantastic and it has improved my overall wellbeing. Thank you, Canuvo!" - Erica Tim "I have enjoyed my time here very much. Besides the amazing medicine that Canuvo provides, it is also a fun and inviting place. Makes me feel as though I am being provided great care from caring people. The aspect I enjoy the most is the people who work here. From the smiling faces when you walk in to the bud tenders, they make the whole experience so much better. Also really like the weekly discounted strains!" - Tim Anna "I found the staff super helpful and insightful. Definitely would recommend." - Anna Katelyn "The staff is amazing. They answer any questions you have and help find what’s best to use for your own individual medical needs. The staff also tries to get to know each of their patients. I love coming in and learning new things. Great staff, great service!" - Katelyn Louis "Well, this is how it always should have been. The people and what they do here are a cut above the rest." - Louis TokeIn App "The quality of the flower is good and the budtenders are well educated " - TokeIn App