New Tincture Line!

Canuvo has revamped its cannabis tinctures! We have simplified our tincture line and increased the potency.

Why use tinctures?

They are discreet and convenient. As an oral delivery method, tinctures provide more control over your dose than edibles. If taken sublingually (under the tongue) your body can absorb the cannabinoids more quickly. The faster the onset, the quicker the relief.  In addition to being able to create your own ratio between THC and CBD, you can infuse your food and drinks.

All of our tinctures come in a one-ounce size and contain 300mg of total cannabinoids. We will have six new tinctures available: THC, CBD, THCA as well as a 1:1 blend of THCA:CBD and THC:CBD.   For ease of accurate dosing, our tincture bottles now come with child-resistant metered droppers making it easy to measure ten mgs per ml. We feel this new and improved product line will help people get the right medicine conveniently and at a great value.

Tinctures are one of the healthiest ways to ingest cannabis. They are sugar-free and do not require patients to inhale smoke or vapor into their lungs. Low sugar diets have been shown to be of benefit while undergoing treatment for cancer. Many edibles come in the form of baked goods or candy and do not make great medicine for these patients, or anyone trying to watch their weight.

Gone is the burn of alcohol tincture or the syrupy texture of glycerin! In simplifying our tincture line, we have chosen MCT oil as a carrier which has superior bio-availability.  MCT stands for medium chain triglycerides. It is a refined form of coconut oil where the fat chains have been broken down which reduces caloric content and makes MCT a healthy fat. This also keeps MCT liquid at room temperature and below unlike pure unrefined coconut oil, making it an ideal carrier for cannabinoids. We will continue to manufacture a version of our CBD tincture with olive oil to provide relief for patients who have coconut allergies.

Tinctures for Pets

Animals have a similar endocannabinoid system to people. A series of receptors run throughout their body which interacts with the cannabinoids. They experience cannabis in a more amplified, longer, and stronger response than humans. Animals are susceptible to THC, so it’s essential to provide the correct dose and ratio.  You can support your pet’s wellness by using specially formulated tinctures. Our new pet tincture is formulated to 20:1 CBD/THCA. And, just like with people cannabis can help with chronic pain, inflammation, and anxiety.

Sean LeBlanc
  • Linda White
    Posted at 07:19h, 27 November Reply

    so no more alcohol tinctures?

    • Sage Peterson
      Posted at 10:36h, 29 November Reply

      This tincture is an expansion of our MCT line. We will still carry the alcohol tincture!

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