Can Cannabis Enhance Your Workout

Can Cannabis Help Your Workout? Exploring the Benefits and Risks

With growing cannabis legalization, more and more people are turning to cannabis as a way to enhance their workout routine. Despite the stereotype of sedentary stoners, research shows that many cannabis users have a positive relationship with exercise

So, can cannabis really help with your workout? 

In this article, we will explore the research and anecdotal evidence.

Cannabis and Exercise: What the Research Says

While federal restrictions make it difficult to conduct controlled studies on cannabis, survey studies and anecdotal evidence provide insight into the relationship between cannabis and exercise. 

Enhance Your Workout With CannabisIn a survey of 605 cannabis users, as many as 81.7% of participants endorsed consuming cannabis with exercise, citing increased motivation, enhanced enjoyment, and more rapid recovery. Additionally, 37.5% claimed it improved performance (YorkWilliams et al. 2019).

Consumers showed preferences in the method of consumption too: Cannabis flower and concentrates were more commonly used than edibles by those who worked out with weed. The survey also found that consumers carried out aerobic exercise an average of 159.7 minutes per week, compared to those who didn’t consume weed at all, who exercised for an average of 103.5 minutes. 

Forty percent of these cannabis consumers met or exceeded the recommendations of the American College of Sports Medicine to complete a minimum of 150 minutes of aerobic exercise per week, while only 28.7% of non-consumers did (Zeiger et al. 2019).

However, 25% of users shared that consuming weed before exercise sometimes led to unexpected negative experiences, such as an elevated heart rate or being too high to continue working out (Ogle et al. 2021).

How to Use Cannabis with Your Workout

If you’re thinking about combining cannabis with your workout, the recommended methods of consumption are smoking or vaping, as those methods enable better control of your highs. Low-dose edibles are also an option for those with asthma. But regardless of the delivery method, the key is to consume thoughtfully.

“You only need a few hits of your joint or a low-dose edible to get in the right mindset for movement. With smoking, we always cue taking a hit or two at the beginning and end of our classes,” said Morgan English, co-founder of Stoned+Toned.

Ultimately, how and when to dose during exercise rests on the individual. Finding the right balance may take a try or two, but it is worth it to find what works best for you.

Cannabis and Physical Activity: Exploring the Link

People who use cannabis before physical activity reported enjoying a variety of physical activities, according to a survey by Whitney Ogle, a physical therapist and cannabis researcher at Humboldt State University. The survey found that 60% of people enjoyed hiking after using cannabis, 58% favored yoga, and 50% leaned toward aerobic machines. 

The primary reasons for using cannabis before physical activity were “helping focus/concentration” (66%), “enjoying the exercise experience” (65%), and “enhancing the mind-body-spirit connection” (65%) (Ogle et al. 2021).

However, 33 participants reported experiencing an unexpected negative experience when pairing cannabis with exercise. It is important to note that the effects of cannabis can vary depending on the individual and the strain of cannabis used. While some may find cannabis beneficial for their workout, others may not have the same positive experience.

The Bottom Line

The growing trend of combining cannabis with exercise has sparked interest in the potential benefits and risks associated with this combination. While some studies have found that cannabis use may increase motivation, enjoyment, and recovery from exercise, there are also potential risks and negative experiences to consider. More research is needed to fully understand the effects of cannabis use on exercise performance and overall health. Regardless, it is important for individuals to consume responsibly and find the right balance for their own personal journey.

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