Importance Of Clean Paraphernalia

Health Alert! Maintain Your Paraphernalia for a Safer Experience!

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Would you use dirty dishes to serve your beautiful meal? No! The same goes for your favorite pipe or vape when you are ready to consume some delightful flower or concentrates. No one likes to use a sticky, clogged grinder or smoke from a dirty bong that can harbor bacteria and mold. Filthy paraphernalia can lead to respiratory infections, other health problems, and frustration when your tools don’t work! Harmful pathogens like streptococcus, E. coli, and black mildew can grow in dirty bongs and cause issues like strep throat, pneumonia, and emphysema.

Indicators that it’s time to clean!

  • The water in your bong is becoming discolored. (It is recommended to use fresh water each time you use your bong.)
  • Your grinder is so sticky and gunky, you can’t turn it.
  • Your pipe is so dirty that everything tastes the same.
  • Your dab rig is coated in thick dark gunk and is cloudy.
  • Your vape pen coil gets gummed up and stops working. (One trick is to press the button and invert the pen. Hope the concentrate drips out.)

Part of the enjoyment of consuming cannabis should also be the proper care of your paraphernalia. The easiest thing to do is clean all of your paraphernalia simultaneously! You will also save on alcohol or cleaner instead of cleaning the pieces individually. Collect all of your tools and plan a session. Gather your rolling tray, roach clips, pipes, bongs, and grinders on cleaning day. You can use isopropyl alcohol, a little dish detergent, salt, or a specific cleaner such as 420 Cleaner. Having gloves and a toothbrush on hand can be helpful. The best play is to have duplicates, so have your ‘clean’ and ‘dirty’ pile. Cycle them through. Whether you are a daily user or an occasional toker, your accessories need attention. Should you decide that cleaning is too much effort, or you just don’t get to it, consider disposable vapes, silicone, or inexpensive glassware. Be prepared to toss them out once they show signs of use.

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Sage Peterson
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