Difference Between Recreational and Medical

The difference between a “stoner” and a medical marijuana patient lies primarily in their intention and usage of cannabis:

A “stoner” is a colloquial term often used to describe someone who uses cannabis recreationally and frequently.

Their primary motivation for using cannabis is typically to achieve intoxication or euphoria, commonly referred to as getting “high.”

Stoners may use cannabis casually or habitually without a specific medical need. Though sleep issues, stress and anxiety are not consider a medical issue, they certainly are a wellness issue.

Their usage may be associated with creativity, leisure activities or social gatherings. E.g. FUN!

Medical Marijuana Patient:

A medical marijuana patient is an individual who uses cannabis for specific medical purposes.

Their usage of cannabis is driven by a medical need to alleviate symptoms or manage medical conditions.

Medical marijuana patients often undergo a formal evaluation and receive a recommendation from a qualified healthcare provider.

Their usage of cannabis is typically focused on symptom relief, pain management, improving quality of life, or treating specific medical conditions.

In summary, while both recreational users and medical marijuana patients may use cannabis, the key distinctions lie in the purpose and intention with their cannabis usage.

The importance lies in the cleanliness of the products (no pesticides or microbials), accurate potency labeling (how strong the product is) and selection (finding the best delivery system for you: inhalation, digestion or topical).

Whether you are using cannabis for health or wellness, ‘this joint’ is for you!

Sage Peterson
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