Re-Leaf for Extreme Anxiety

How One Patient Dealt with Chronic Anxiety


Dear Friends,

One recent afternoon as she was making a purchase at the dispensary, Cynthia informed me she had been apartment-bound for thirty years — that’s three decades. When I asked her to explain further, she told me that she had been unable to leave her home due to the extreme social anxiety she experienced as soon as she touched the front door knob. She could not leave the protection of that walled enclosure, not for the grocery store, not to take a drive, not for an emergency, not at all. She was even assigned a case manager who was to help her venture out (then another, then another), to no avail. Despite all of their efforts, none of her caseworkers was able to convince/ cajole/bully Cynthia into leaving the house for more than minutes at a time.

For years pretty much the only person Cynthia socialized with was her boyfriend — not so bad, but….


Cynthia becomes a medical marijuana patient.


Then, in 2012, Cynthia was certified to purchase medical marijuana.

Cynthia doesn’t smoke, but she eagerly tried everything else, including the Canuvo lozenges. She found that 10-20mg doses of them (1-2 lozenges) relieved her anxiety so effectively that she was able to grocery shop. Over time she found herself taking part in more daily outings. She had never expected to be able to participate in large social events, but she realized that the lozenges she had enjoyed were instrumental in relieving her agoraphobia and freeing her even to enjoy “going out.” The day that she recounted her story, Cynthia had just returned from a croquet tournament. Over the weekend she had been to a jam-packed concert, and she had spent that day with her nieces and nephews at a very busy York Animal Kingdom.

No case manager had to invade Cynthia’s home in order for her to leave it. She left all by herself by treating her anxiety with cannabis!


Cynthia finds the right dose to treat her anxiety.

Unlike the years she was confined to her apartment by her anxiety, Cynthia now loves to engage with people socially. She seeks out conversations with new acquaintances and explores new attractions and venues. No longer does she hide in her flat, unable to tolerate the loud noises and jingle-jangle of crowded environments like department stores, amusement parks, or musical events. Thanks to cannabis, Cynthia has a social life! She can enjoy any event or social gathering without anxiety and with joy.


May these true stories give you hope!


Your Budtender

D Smith
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